Paul M. Berger

Paul Berger knows the innermost thoughts of small quadrupeds, which is no help for his writing, because the squirrels that live outside his apartment think he’s a hack. (Though it’s possible this is just part of an elaborate mindgame, in which they calculate that when they finally tell him they are impressed, he will love them and give them granola bars.) His personal website is at www.

Rick Bowes

Rick Bowes

Has been around for a very long time and has written some novels, a bunch of stories and some novels made up of his stories. His website is at by Barbara Krasnoff


K. Tempest Bradford

Tempest enjoys bitter chocolate and standing up for what she believes in. Her blog is at and her less even-tempered postings can be found at The Angry Black Woman.

Martin Cahill

Martin Cahill is a writer and a twin, though only one of those things causes him existential angst. He is a graduate of Clarion 2014, and his work has appeared or will be appearing in Fireside Fiction, Nightmare Magazine, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Find him on Twitter at @McflyCahill90 and watch him occasionally blog at

Tom Crosshill

Tom Crosshill

In years past, Tom led a staid life, on occasion operating a nuclear reactor, working inside a zinc mine, and translating books. Seeking escape from those tired pursuits, he has devoted his free time to writing fiction. His website is


Kristine Dikeman

Kris likes to write about things that go “squish” and can do a pretty damn good layout as well. Her personal webpage is at
Photo by Ellen Datlow


Nora Jemisin

Nora (publishing as N. K. Jemisin) recently defected from the cold gulags of Bostonistan to the gold-lined streets of New Yorkia. She likes travel, cooking, cats, blogging against racism and sexism, designing new worlds, and long walks through city parks. She dislikes genetically modified food, except in horror stories where the food eats people. Her website is here.


Alaya Dawn Johnson

Alaya loves to eat, dance, bake cookies, sing and laugh all the time — preferably in the company of her fellow Fluidians. Her procrastination devices of choice are economics and science blogs, but she always eventually gets around to the writing. Her website is here.


Rajan Khanna

When not traveling through time, Raj has a disproportionate love of wine, beer and dirigibles. His website is


Matthew Kressel

Matt is a computer consultant by day, writer by night. Sometimes he dons tights and co-hosts the Fantastic Fiction at KGB series with Ellen Datlow. His personal website is at

Sam J. Miller

Sam J. Miller

Sam J. Miller is a writer and a community organizer. Because Altered Fluid is so awesome that some of it rubbed off, his work has been nominated for the Nebula and Theodore Sturgeon Awards, and has won the Shirley Jackson Award. His first book, a young adult science fiction novel called The Art of Starving, will be published by HarperCollins in 2017. He lives in New York City, and at


Eugene Myers

Eugene thinks sleep is for the weak. He spends his days wandering a labyrinth of videotape. His webpage can be found at

Devin Poore

Devin Poore

Devin lives in Hoboken with his wife, Kristen. He likes to write stories about things that may or may not have happened, and likes to build models of things that may or may not have existed. His personal website is at

Mercurio D.Rivera

Mercurio D. Rivera

Evil David is not necessarily evil, nor is he necessarily David. At Cons we’re not sure what to call him. (Though we refuse to call him “Master,” as he insists). His personal website is

Kiini Ibura Salaam

Kiini Ibura Salaam

Perpetually in search of her windfall inheritance, Kiini is a reformed wanderer who is plotting a future in which she will wear leather pants, live in several international locales, and master upside down yoga poses. In the meantime, she dedicates herself to weaving fantastical tales and painting canvases while other mortals are asleep. You can learn more about her at


Lilah Wild

When she’s not elucidating on Old Hollywood screen goddesses or the blood and fire quotient of metal videos that purport to be evil, Lilah can be found shooting zombies, bellydancing, or conducting experiments with vegetarian cuisine. Her personal website can be found here (

Alyssa Wong

Alyssa Wong

Alyssa Wong is actually a large flock of crows that gathers biannually to take on human shape and terrorize small southern towns. Follow her on Twitter @crashwong or at


Greer Woodward

Greer Wooward lives on the Big Island of Hawaii, which is a good thing since she has four cats and Paul is allergic. Her website is at