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Philippine Speculative Fiction X edited… – Dean Francis Alfar | Facebook

Philippine Speculative Fiction X
edited… – Dean Francis Alfar | Facebook

I am so excited to share that my story, “Santos de Sampaguitas,” will be reprinted in Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 10!!!!! ✿ ❀ ❁ It was originally published on Strange Horizons in two parts (…/20141006/sampaguita-f.shtml), and I’m honored that the editors Alfar of Philippine Speculative Fiction have selected it for inclusion in this volume.

Also, as a hapa person and part of the Filipino diaspora, this feels extra special to me. <3 I’m very proud to be part of the Filipino specfic scene.

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King of Shards ARCs Arrived

Yesterday in the mail I received the ARCs (Advance Review Copies) of King of ShardsAnd while this is of course not the finished book, it’s pretty cool to hold the book in my hands. I’ve seen the other great titles Resurrection House has put out, so I know I’m in good hands with them. This is also that weird interstitial period, where my book is out with reviewers and I don’t know how it will be received. I think it’s a damn great book. But, of course, I’m biased. Anyway, it’s exciting to see the novel slowly come to fruition. The book will be available to buy on October 13, but you can preorder a copy now from most booksellers.

King of Shards ARC

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“Meeker” makes BookTubeSFF Shortlist for Best Short Work

I’ve just found out that “The Meeker and the All-Seeing Eye” (from May 2014 Clarkesworld Magazine) has made the BookTubeSFF Awards shortlist for Best Short Work. Some pretty great company to be in, with my work listed alongside Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, and Haruki Murakami. There’s a read along taking place with all the categories from now until November, when the winners will be announced.

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This is really happening.

My debut novel, The Art of Starving, will be published by HarperCollins. It’s young adult, science fiction, super dark and edgy and messed up.

Publishers Weekly ran this story on Tuesday, July 21st:

“Kristen Pettit of HarperCollins has bought THE ART OF STARVING by Sam J. Miller; it’s a novel about a gay, bullied, small-town boy with an eating disorder who believes that starving himself awakens a latent ability to read minds, predict behavior, and control the fabric of time and space. Publication is planned for spring 2017; Seth Fishman at the Gernert Company brokered the deal for North American rights.”

oh, hey, scuse me for a minute

::rolls around on the floor sobbing::


Honestly I don’t even think it’s sunk in yet, not fully. I’m beyond ecstatic to have found such a marvelous home for this book that means so much to me. I owe everything to my brilliant agent Seth Fishman, and to my beloved writing comrades in the Clarion class of 2012 and in Altered Fluid, who, besides providing the love and support and great critiques that have helped polish whatever dull shard of talent I might possess, also gave incredible feedback on the messy messy first draft of this book.

Most importantly, I owe a ton of love and gratitude to my family, my husband Juancy and my sister Sarah and my mom, but especially to my father, Hyman Miller, who for the past seven years exemplified strength and hope and fearlessness in his fight with cancer. Two weeks before this deal, dad said “I just want to see you publish a book before I die,” and we finalized this book deal the day before he passed away. So while this has been a really tough couple of weeks for me and my family, I’m so proud and happy that he knew I had achieved this life goal.

And to celebrate this novel about a sad boy with an eating disorder, here, have some pictures I drew, of happy chubby gay guys (based on the incredible work of the Japanese manga doujinshi artist SUV).

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King of Shards Press Kit

My publisher, Resurrection House, has put together a Press Kit for King of Shards. For ease of downloading, here are the links to the relevant items:

But because I didn’t just want to link to the art, I want to show it to you, I’m including the stunning cover jacket here. Take a look!

King of Shards Book Cover Jacket

King of Shards Book Cover Jacket

The artwork is by Leon Tukker (definitely check out his portfolio on Deviant Art) and the cover design is by Darin Bradley. My wife, Christine Kressel, did the author photo. It’s my very first novel cover, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

We’ve also printed flyers with the advance reviews, which I’ve been handing out at conventions and such. Here’s the back side of the flyer (the front is just the cover). 

King of Shards - Flyer Back

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! All of this is super exciting, and I’m just kind of taking it all in, pausing to breathe every now and then.



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A Decade of Readercon

It’s hard to believe, but this year marks my tenth anniversary of first attending Readercon. I first attended back in 2005 at the insistence of then Altered Fluid member Lauren McLaughlin. Back then, my only experience at cons was a few Star Trek and fan conventions I attended in my teens. I was immediately struck with how many amazing authors were in the same room with me during the Meet the Prose party, the main gathering on the first night. I knew not a soul, but the ever gregarious Ajit George knew some folks from his Clarion West class, introduced me to a ton of people, and soon I was playing Mafia with the likes of Holly Black, Kelly Link, Samuel Delany, Ellen Kushner, Paul Tremblay, and so many other luminaries. Many of those people I met at that first con I’m still friends with today. So, thank you, Lauren and Ajit, for opening up a world to me.

My first Readercon: Me, Paul M. Berger, and Devin Poore

My first Readercon, 2005, Me, Paul M. Berger, and Devin Poore

Right now I’m slogging through that post-con haze of exhaustion, mainly my own fault, for staying up too late drinking while talking with old friends and making new ones. In 2005 I knew no one, had published only two stories, and had just put out the third issue of a little ‘zine called Sybil’s Garage I’d started with folks from the Altered Fluid writers group.

Readercon 2005, Paul Tremblay, Fred Cataldo (standing), Ajit George, Samuel Delany, Tk, Ellen Kushner

Readercon 2005, Paul Tremblay, Fred Cataldo (standing), Ajit George, Samuel Delany, Tk, Ellen Kushner

And now here I am in 2015, where at Readercon I read an excerpt from my forthcoming and first novel, King of Shards, was on two panels in the giant “F” room (one on immersive fiction and the other on making a career in writing and publishing). Sybil’s Garage, though I’m no longer publishing the ‘zine, is still praised in the halls of Readercon as a little treasure. I was nominated for a World Fantasy Award for my editing work on it, and Paper Cities, edited by Ekaterina Sedia, which I’d published, went on to win the World Fantasy Award. I’ve published almost thirty stories, have had my stories translated into Czech, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish, and my stories have been nominated for a Nebula Award twice. I say this not to boast, but because I think it’s important as artists to remind ourselves from time to time of our accomplishments. In this field, as I imagine in other artistic endeavors, it can often seem as if there is always a new goal to strive for, that one success is never enough, that we must always keep moving. I think that’s wonderful, to a degree. Like sharks, artists must move forward or die. And yet we can often forget to look back and remember where we’ve come from.

Readercon 2005, Me & Mercurio D. Rivera, watching a Mafia game

Readercon 2005, Me & Mercurio D. Rivera, watching a Mafia game. My sideburns have since fallen off.

I’ll remember Readercon 2005 as the place where a new life path began for me. So it’s a little sad for me to hear that Readercon will be changing hotels. The Burlington Marriott was never a perfect hotel by far, but some of my warmest memories formed there. The changing of the hotels is bittersweet, like the end of an era. But 2016 marks a new decade of writing for me, and I’m eagerly looking forward to all the adventures that this will bring. New hotel, new memories.

Readercon 2005, Devin Poore & Holly Black

Readercon 2005, Devin Poore & Holly Black during a Mafia game

From the very beginning, Readercon has always been one of the friendliest cons. From veteran to newbie, you will never find an attitude of exclusion or elitism. Warmth arises from all people, all corners. Everyone recognizes that we are all on this adventure together because we simply love what we do, and the people who do it. Many of those who make Readercon possible exist behind the scenes, doing hard work for little reward. So I wish to thank them more than anyone, because without them there would be no con. Right now I’m desperately missing all the people and conversation. It’s almost as if my air supply has been cut off. But I feel better when I think about all the things 2016 and beyond will bring. I hope to see you all there.



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Locus Online News » 2015 World Fantasy Awards Ballot

Locus Online News » 2015 World Fantasy Awards Ballot:

OH MY GOD Y’ALL “THE FISHER QUEEN” IS A WORLD FANTASY AWARD FINALIST!!!! Huge congrats to all of the nominees, including the inimitable Kai Ashante Wilson, Jeff VanderMeer, Ellen Datlow, and Kelly Link!! I’m so honored to be in such august company!!! <3

If you want to read my story, “The Fisher Queen,” it’s online and available here: <3

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Second Hand News



I haven’t seen it, but I got word this weekend that Wired magazine featured Lightspeed Magazine’s podcast as the Staff Pick for science fiction podcasts in their July issue. As part of that they picked a standout episode and the one they picked was my story, “Second Hand.” Lightspeed publishes so many great stories that I’m really chuffed that Wired singled out my story. Thanks to the folks at Brilliance Audio for putting together the narration. If you’d like to check out the podcast, you can listen to the narration here. 

I guess I really should get to work on more stories in that universe, shouldn’t I…



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“When Your Child Strays From God” is out today in Clarkesworld!

My short story “When Your Child Strays From God” was published today at Clarkesworld, one of the very best and toughest venues for science fiction these days. I’ve been submitting to them for years, and I’m so proud that this story found a home there.

It’s about a devout Christian mother who decides to hunt down her runaway teenage son by taking a drug that will allow her to enter a terrifying shared hallucination with him… and in the process learns all kinds of things about her son and herself and her husband that she didn’t really want to know.

It’s my first attempt to write a “funny” story, although of course I can’t stop myself from ALSO trying to punch you in the heart and make you cry. If I was successful… I AM SORRY.

This story owes a big debt to my comrades in Altered Fluid, many of whom gave me phenomenal critiques that made it a lot stronger: Alaya Dawn Johnson, Alyssa Wong, Paul Berger, Kris Dikeman, Richard Bowes, Lilah Wild, Matthew Kressel, Devin Poore, and Mercurio D. Rivera!!



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